What a Wonder - 何等奇妙

The new album What a Wonder is out! Eleven songs praise our wonderful God, give thanks for His wondrous grace and respond to His wonderful call. Though most of the songs were written by one person, it's really a group collaboration project. Americans, Taiwanese, Malaysians, Koreans, Singaporeans, British, Canadians, NewZealanders, Irish, Australians, and probably a few others all took part in its production, and each one played a vital role.

Come on in and listen to the songs! They are all in both English and Mandarin. We hope that they will give you a fresh experience of our Wonderful God!

《何等奇妙》這張專輯終於出版了!其中包含了十一首歌曲,是對我們這位奇妙真神的讚美、對祂奇妙恩典的感謝,也是對祂奇妙呼召的回應。參與這張專輯製作的朋友來自世界各地,其中包括了來自美國、台灣、馬來西亞、韓國、新加坡、英國、加拿大、紐西蘭、愛爾蘭、澳洲、南非等地的朋友。詞曲創作者是曾經為讚美之泉寫了《願你國降臨》的馬振龍~ Paul,這是他的第一張創作專輯。

歡迎你來試聽、分享這張專輯。希望這些歌曲讓你重新經驗到這位奇妙的 神!